Wine tasting at Mimmo’s cellar

Most would presume that local homemade wine is not the best considering that the new technology and understanding that Enologist have in wine producing.
There are local people that are making wine in the same way as they did 50 years ago, using barrels of 25 years ago, which of course lack tannins from the wood.

BUT the wine Mimmo makes is superb,  for the past 20 years he has continually been learning how to improve his wine making.  Through using the different wood for barrel, by combining the various grape varieties, and continually to produce wine without any added preservatives.  
Mimmo’s wine is ‘organic’ he doesn’t use anything to clean the wine, it is a natural ‘filtering’ process.

Wine tasting with dinner:
Meet Mimmo in the village of Sant’Ambrogio around 7.00 pm. He will take you to his cellar which is located in the village. 
Mimmo will explain the whole process of his wine marking.
Start by tasting 2 different white wines then continue with the different vintages of the red Nero D’Avola wine (the main Sicilian red grape variety).
There are no restrictions to the amount of wine served, so you can practically drown in it! Mimmo is very happy to share his wine with his guests.
The dinner of various traditional Sicilian dishes, consisting of antipasto, primo, secondo and dolce

Cost:    Euro 65 per person
Group size:  minimum of 2 people
The  wine tasting includes:
– Wine tasting
– Dinner including wine


What a wonderful experience!  What a great evening!  Delicious wine and food, thank you so much Mimmo / Rosetta. Our wines in Western Australia have so much less character.
(15/05/2012 Jeff & Sue, Western Australia)

What a wonderful lace ” and the wine””” is to die for.  Thank you Mimmo & Rosetta, the food, the company and the WINE….there’s nothing like it elsewhere.  Hope to see youand taste your delicious food and wonderful wine again next year. 
(Stephanie, Sydney )

Mimmo’s wine is like a miracle!!  What a beautiful place and how treasurable to meet poeple like you in this crazy world!!!
(24/05/12 Genevieve & Alain, France )

Hold on to your dreams “for if dreams die, Life is like a bird that can not fly” Thank you.
(24/05/12 Genevieve & Alain, France

Mimmo’s wine is like a miracle!!  What a beautiful place and how treasurable to meet poeple like you in this crazy world!!!
(9/06/2012 Rick, Anna, Anatte, Germany )

It’s the best final night in Sant’Ambrogio and Sicily. Grazie, grazie!!
(17/06/2012 Olga and Denis, Moscow, Russia )

Mimmo’s wine is like a miracle!!  What a beautiful place and how treasurable to meet poeple like you in this crazy world!!!
(24/05/12 Genevieve & Alain, France )

Everyoe in the world needs to Experience Mimmo’s food and wine… THIS IS LIVING!!
(04/10/2012 Janella, Anna, Geoff, Melbourne and Perth, Australia  )

The food and the company was fantastic. I look forward to meetin with you again. Ciao.
(05/12/2012  Chris Eite, UK )

This has been a once in a lifetime experience. We feel like we have known you for years  The food and wine is unbelieavalbe.  We will never forget this day.  Thank you so much!
(February 2013 Joe & Michelle, Michigan, USA )

We have been in Italy for three months and you have given us the best wine, food and hospitality that we have experienced. Thank you for showing us the real Sicilian Experience, we will surely never forget it!
(09/05/2013 Paul and Dede Raisan

We really enjoyed your scrumptious food and wine and of course your company of you and your famliy.  Such a gracious host, thank you for sharing your passion for wine-makng and gourmet food. Look forward to returnin in S.Ambrogio. 
(26/04/2013 Gabe, Bret & Katie, New York, Philadehia, Boston USA  ) 

Mimmo, Francesco, Rosetta, Thank you for the Sicilian Tour of Wine and Food.  It really was the highlight of our vacation.  We will be seeing you again next year.  Kind regards.
(17/05/2013 Jospeh, Jett & Lorrawe, Dubai, United Arab, Emirates )

We really appreciated the way you welcomed us, the wine we tasted, the atmosphere you created and the excelletn food you served.  The unique way you introduced us to food and wine guarantees that weill come again. Please continue to preserve the “old” way in creating good wine.
(14/06/2013 Anne-Bente, Norway )

Sicily, an amazing, beautiful spot on this planet.  But meeting you Mimmo told me how beautiful life can be, a happy face to remember, a warm welcoming to remember, and a unique wine to remember…..Always!    I’m sitting now outside in a dream village and I an tell you that my heart has never been so happy and grateful! Thank you for this generous heart! May God Bless you always.
(July 2013 Nisrine, Lebanon )

Mimmo, we really like your food, wine and inspirng stories about the origin of the Sicilian food and history.  Wish you all the best for the future we truly enjoyed staying in St Ambrogio. 
(05/07/2013 Tom & Ilse, Amsterdam)

Thank you your wine was great! We will remember you!
(24/08/2013 Matilda, Sweden )

Enjoyed the evening, your Sicilian character, happiness, creavitivity, fantastic ideas, make us falling love with this little village.  Thank you very muvh for your wine, hospitality and good food. 
(14/09/2013 Alison & Keith, Hong Kong )

Thank you so much for the wonderful food and wine.  After wlaking for a few hours we arrived here very hungry and we are very full and happy.  Fascinating to learn all about making wine.
(04/10/2013 Francesca, Malta )

You are exceptionall!  Your heart is eveident ine verything you say and do.  Every time, my appreciation grows. 
(08/10/2013 Karen La Rosa, N
ew York City )

Good food, good wine, good company.
(03/03/2014 Azzopardi, Malta )

Tonight was a memorable experience! A special blend ofwine, food and conversation.  A learning experience in a special place from a man with a speical vision of how the connection of food and life should be……We are informed and indebted.
(16/04/2014 Aland & Vicki, Mornington, Victoria Australia )

What a incredible experience.  This will always be a most memorable experience.  Grazie mille. 
(21/04/2014 Don Perella USA )

Mimmo’s lunch and wine tasting was my favorite part of the trip.  I think it’s because I felt like I already knew him…  He felt like family.  He has a special gift and a light within. I am so happy that he has people pulling for him.
(12/04/2014 Melody USA )