Walking in Sicily

Sicily is so well known for its coastline and historic monuments, but very little known for  its magnificent countryside, mountains and medieval towns, abandoned by their populations seeking more prosperity.  With its magnificent climate one can walk from September to the end of May- early June.

Walking is the best way to experience the different seasons that are reflected in the landscape. Wildflowers in the spring, wild herbs, mushrooms, chestnuts in the autumn and the starkness of the winter.

Whilst out walking one can meet along the path the older peasants attending their fields, the shepherds making the local cheese and animals grazing in the field which all seems as though time has stood still, but knowing that in a few years this will all be history.   The old peasant will no longer be here to attend to his fields and  the cheese will be made by modern machinery.  I trust, however, that the animals will still be free to graze!

There are lovely walks in Sicily, for example: Aeolian Islands  Pantalica, Mt Etna, Parco dei Nebrodi, Parco dello Zingaro, Marettimo (Egadis) and Ficuzza which I would be very happy to provide information on.

I would like people to get  the most from their holiday and I am very happy to share my passion and  knowledge that I have gained throughout the years.   Come and discover Sicily by foot either walking independently or with local knowledgeable guides.