Falconry – Gangi – Tambourine maker

The tour takes you towards the centre of Sicily once referred to as the Granary of the Romans.

We stop along the way to meet Mimmo the falconer for a falconry display.  The ancient art dating back to Frederick II, continued by the Ventimiglia family of Geraci and still practised today in Arab countries.  The falconer Mimmo will explain the history and tradition surrounding this sport, also giving details about the Lanner falcons that he uses for flying.

After the display a short drive to Gangi, winner in 2015 Borgo Più Bello d’Italia (The Most Beautiful Village in Italy) for its artistic qualities, culture, local handicraft, traditions and good food were all taken into account.  
Built atop Monte Marone there has been a settlement since 1200 BC when the Minoans from Crete in Greece established themselves here. Resembling the shape of a tortoise shell, one of Gangi’s landmarks is the XIVth century Castle of Ventimiglia, still partly owned by a descendant of this one time powerful family. 

We walk through the cobbled streets and narrow lanes to visit Fabrizio, the tambourine maker.  Fabrizio will give a performance on his tambourines and he will describe the difference in sounds depending on which animal skin has been used, the type of recycled cans and the size of the tambourine.  It is astonishing to know that Fabrizio has been making tambourines from the age of 12 even though he has never studied music!

Departure:  09.00
Return:  17.00

Dates:  on request
Cost:    on request
Group size:  minimum of 1 person