One Hundred Steps

Walking around the villages of Cinisi and Terrasini, discover the story of Peppino Impastato, a young activist who bravely opposed to the Mafia and broke ties with his community and family.

Peppino Impastato was a multifaceted young man.  He was a journalist, political activist, intellectual, environmentalist, hippy and poet. Although his father was a Mafioso, Peppino had the courage to rebel against Cosa Nostra and denounce its crimes and corruption.  His tenacity led him to setting up a satirical radio show which criticized the mafia and the infamous boss Gaetano Badalamenti.  Peppino was killed in 1978.

This tour will reveal to you the astonishing character of Peppino Impastato.  A leading figure in the struggle against the Mafia, Peppino continues to inspire young generations.  You will hear his story, told by people who personally knew him when he was alive. Retrace the “one hundred steps” with us, the steps that separated Peppino’s house with the house of the Mafia boss who ordered his murder.

It is possible to dine at “Pizzeria Impastato” (pizzeria owned by Peppino’s relatives) or at  “Pizzeria La Stazione” where “I cento passi” (One hundred steps) was filmed.
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