I am very happy to share my passion and knowledge of Sicily.  

Come with me and experience the natural beauty and authenticity of the places and people we meet along the no account casinos trails.

" This is a wonderful locally owned business that arranges self guided walking tours across Sicily. Owner Carmelo is professional, friendly, and service oriented. He works very hard to design an appropriate tour; supports that your well; and is flexible making necessary or desired adjustments. The pricing is great, especially compared to foreign based adventure travel companies.

Our family group of 7 (ages 25 to 67) toured across the Madonie Mountains for 5 days. The walks were around 5 hours a day, demanding but not exhausting, through varied hilly terrain. They went through agricultural as well as natural park areas, and ended in a variety of gorgeous Sicilian hill towns. The accommodations ranged from comfortable and family run to luxurious. The pickups and transfers were flawless.

This company is highly, highly recommended! " (Josh, 2022)

North-East Sicily Self-Guided Walking Tour

Montalbano Elicona – Nebrodi Mountains – Etna – Alcantara River – Castelmola/Taormina

This extraordinary walk encompasses the North-Eastern triangle of Sicily, beginning above the Tyrrhenian coastline at Montalbano Elicona, (named ‘The Most Beautiful Town in Italy’ in 2016), and ending at the town of Castelmola above Taormina.

The itinerary takes you through lesser known areas of Sicily such as the ‘Argimusco’, (the Stonehenge of Sicily), the Bosco of Malabotta with its ancient oak trees and sensational views of the coastline of Calabria on one side and the Aeolian Islands on the other.

There is an overnight stay in Floresta, the highest town in Sicily at 1,275m above sea level, nestled in the alpine landscape of the Nebrodi Mountains with spectacular views towards Etna.  From Floresta, the walk follows the river Alcantara down to the medieval town of Randazzo, known as the ‘Black Town’, then on to Castiglione in Sicilia. You have the opportunity to swim along the way and visit sites such as the famous Alcantara Gorge.

You have the choice of a lower or higher Mt Etna walk, which vary in length and level of activity, however both are set in a dramatic landscape, which allows you to walk over petrified lava from the 1981 and 2002 eruptions. 

At the foothills of Mt Etna, you walk through fertile land where the Etna Rosso, one of the most prestigious wines in Sicily, is grown and produced. 

The walks are mostly easy to moderate level, however there are two days which are slightly more demanding.  

On request the tour can be shortened by 1 or 2 days. 

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Self-Guided Walk from the Madonie Mountains to the Coast

Your journey begins in the centre of Sicily, and takes you across the Madonie Mountains, passing ancient oak and maple trees as old as 800 years. You travel along a Roman road following in the footsteps of those who once used it as a trade route to the coast.

 As you emerge from the forests, you are met with breathtaking views of the coastline across to the rock of Cefalu and the Aeolian Islands, where you descend through olive groves and fruit orchards using an old mule track, into the village of Sant’Ambrogio.

 The level of activity is moderate with some short strenuous uphill sections. The paths are mostly unmarked but easy to follow using the descriptions, maps and GPS co-ordinates provided.

On request the tour can be shortened by 1 or 2 days.

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Self-Guided – Magna via Francigena

Magna Via Francigena Self-Guided Walking Tour from Monreale to Agrigento

The Magna Via Francigena is an ancient trade and pilgrimage route through Sicily from Palermo to Agrigento. 164 kms (plus optional 16.5kms) of wide-open scenery which gradually changes as you trek from north to south of the island. The trail has been used since Roman times up to the Norman period when both pilgrims and the Knights Templar crusaders, on their way to and from the Holy Land, trod it. The Normans called these roads Regie Trazzere.
Passing through mountain villages, over hills, wheat fields and crossing brooks and torrents, you will meet an inspiring and passionate network of young Sicilians who are seriously enthusiastic about establishing their welcoming committees in all the towns and villages where you will be stopping over.
The recommended period of the year to do this trek is Spring: March, April, May and then late September, October and even November. You will be averaging 20kms a day (some days longer and some shorter) over 8 days, so a good level of fitness is required with experience of hill walking.
The trails are a mixture of forestry tracks, field walking and small country roads.
The attraction of this pilgrimage route is that it is a far cry from the overcrowded trails across Spain to Santiago de Compostela. Here you will be able to stop and listen to the sounds of the countryside without the hoards of happy trekkers walking St. James’ Way. Local guides will introduce you to the history and traditions of the villages visited along the way, giving you a
personal insight into the local culture.

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