Mimmo explaining the method of wine making

wine tasting with guests

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Mimmo's cellar

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Mimmo's family

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Wine tasting at Mimmo's cellar

Most would presume that local homemade wine is not the best considering that the new technology and understanding that Enologist have in wine producing.


There are local people that are making wine in the same way as they did 50 years ago, using barrels of 25 years ago, which of course lack tannins from the wood.


BUT the wine Mimmo makes is superb,  for the past 20 years he has continually been learning how to improve his wine making.  Through using the different wood for barrel, by combining the various grape varieties, and continually to produce wine without any added preservatives.  


Mimmo's wine is ‘organic’ he doesn't use anything to clean the wine, it is a natural 'filtering' process.


Wine tasting with dinner or lunch:


Meet Mimmo in the village of Sant'Ambrogio around 7.30 pm/1.00pm  he will then take you to the cellar which is located in the village. 


Mimmo will explain the whole process of wine marking.


You will commence tasting of two different white wines then continue with the different vintages of the red wine Nero D'avolo (Sicilian main red grape variety).


There will be no restrictions of the amount of wine served, Mimmo is very happy to share his wine with his guests.


The dinner/lunch will be buffet style, Mimmo will bring out various traditional Sicilian dishes, including fresh bread baked by his mother-in-law.




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Cost:    Euro 45 per person

Group size:  minimum of 2 people

The  wine tasting includes:

  • Wine tasting
  • Lunch or dinner 
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