shepherd is resting whilst his flock of sheep are grazing

straining the milk before adding it to whey

traditional shepherd's hut

looking for his goats

calciocavallo cheese in brine

animal enclosure

the ricotta cheese coming to the surface

heat needs to be controlled by the amount of logs in the fire

another shepherd int Gangi

making calciocavallo cheese

hanging the cheese to dry

tuma is the first cheese that is made and ricotta

aging the cheese in a cool place

Shepherd - traditional cheese making

An English-speaking guide will accompany you to the shepherd.


A short 2 km drive from the village of Sant'Ambrogio to reach the lower Madonie National Park.  From there an 800 metre downhill walk leads you the shepherd's hut.  If one arrives early, can help in milking the goats.  After milking the shepherd will demonstrate the various stages of the traditional cheese making.  An opportunity to taste the cheese at each stage.


Dates:  on request

Cost:   on request

Group size:  minimum of 1 person