everyone joins in even the people that are on holidays

olives are hand picked

collecting all the olives

break for lunch

various types of olives

stone pressing the olives

waiting for the oil

the first drops of oil

more oil

everyone is happy wonderful day picking olives

Olive picking - Sicilian oil

Sicily is 3rd largest among Italian olive oil producing regions. 


There's  3 DOP olive oil areas: DOP Mt Iblei, DOP Valle Trapanese and DOP Val di Mazara, with other  2 or 3 other areas awaiting certification. 


The main varieties of olive cultivated in Sicily are the Nocellara del Belice (Trapani), Cerasuola (Agrigento), Tonda Iblea (Ragusa), Moresca (Ragusa), Nocellara Messinese (Messina), Nocellara Etnea (Catania) and Biancolilla.


Olives were first brought to Sicily between C.8 and C.5 B.C by the Greeks, they used the wealth created by the trade in oil and wine to build Siracusa.


 Sicily has been producing oil ever since although production was reduced under the Arabs who preferred to import oil from the Magreb and so uprooted many Sicilian olive groves to make way for citrus and irrigated crops. Production was restored under the Normans and the Spaniards.