Antica Foccaceria San Francesco

Fabio Conticello

Palermo NoMafia tour

It is impossible to describe the Sicilian capital without noting its contrasts: elegance and decadence, light and shadow, rich and poor, metropolitan and provincial, joy and sorrow, perfumes and stenches, Mafia and Anti-Mafia. A city which captivates, stupefies, and sometimes shocks visitors; it certainly isn’t an experience one forgets.


Learn about the Mafia and the civil Anti-Mafia movement whilst walking through the picturesque historic centre. Discover a city that is finally rebelling against the protection rackets.


The Teatro Massimo, the open-air market "Il Capo", Piazza della Memoria (Memorial dedicated to prosecutors and judges killed by the Mafia), Piazza Beati Paoli, the Cathedral, the City Hall, Piazza Magione: every stop is a cause for reflection, a chance to mull over the realities of the Mafia and consider the civic movement against Mafioso power.


You will meet shopkeepers who have said NO to the pizzo, who follow the ethical consumer campaign “Pago chi non paga” (I shop where they don’t pay pizzo), a campaign promoted by Addiopizzo to support those that rebel against the Mafia.


The tour ends at Antica Focacceria San Francesco, one of the oldest restaurants in Palermo, famous for the charateristic Palermo’s street food. Its owners have had the courage to denounce their extortionists. If you want to have lunch there, you can taste some specialties like "pane con la milza" (sandwitch stuffed with beef spleen and ricotta cheese), "arancine" (rice balls), "panelle" (chickpea frittes), "anelletti al forno" (baked ring-shaped pasta), "involtini di melanzane" (eggplant rolls), "sarde a beccafico" (sardine rolls) and the famous Cannoli.


During this tour you could meet:

Fabio Conticello 

Owner of the famous Palermitano restaurant Antica Foccaceria San Francesco, Fabio decided along with his brother Vincenzo to report all extortionate demands to the police. This was a courageous act which made them a symbol of the rebellion against the mafia, a choice which has since been imitated by other proprietors.


DURATION: 3 hours