Sant' Ambrogio


The village of Sant’Ambrogio situated only 5 km from Cefalù has a population of 250 people, before the 70’s the population was 1,500.  Due to lack of employment people migrated to America, France, Germany and varies European countries that offered work opportunities.


The name Sant’Ambrogio was given due to the presence of an old shrine dedicated to the doctor of the Church, Sant’Ambrogio of Milano.


Origin of the village dates back to 1783 when the devastating earthquake destroyed big part of Sicily, then followed by a terrible plague.


Families from Cefalù came to work in Sant’Ambrogio for landlords who owned a lot of land in the area. Around 1820 the family Martino di Cefalù gave same land to the Deacon Giovanni Martino who in 1838 donated the land where the Shrine of Sant’Ambrogio was to build a  church which would carry the same name.

Before the church was built the locals would go to an area called Casalinate only 4 km from the village to pray and practise their religious obligation.


It wasn’t till 1875 that the Bishop of Cefalù Ruggero Blundo Cassinese, decided to enlarge and re-store the church.  In 1904 a Post Office was started and the village was connected to the road SS113.  During that this period it was the local Ambrosiani who worked for the upkeep of the church and also to buy the statue of Salvatore, della Vergine (the patron of the village, feast celebrated third Sunday in July).

The marble alter piece was donated by the family Sarullo who migrated to America.