At the foot of Mount Eurako or San Calogero, Caccamo rises majestically on a hill 520m. above sea level along the valley of the San Leonardo river known nowadays as Lago Rosamarina.   Full of churches, monuments and works or art, the town is well worth visiting above all for its castle


The Castle   The fortifications date back to the Carthaginian times (480BC) although the historical dates bring us back to the Normans.  The castle reached its peak of importance during the fourteenth century, when the Chiaramonte family fortified it and made it unconquerable.   During later centuries there were numerous Aragonese and Spanish families up to the last gentrified family, De Spuches.   In 1963 the castle was given to the Regional Sicilian Government who now own it.


La Castellana (The Lady Keeper of the Keys)

This festival is held on the 6th September and is certainly the most important and colourful in the area.   A parade of about 300 people in historical costume who represent the baronial families that once lived in the Castle of Caccamo throughout the centuries, passes through the town streets re-enacting in this way the history of the town.   It culminates in the election of the Castellana and her two maids from the town’s population in the castle courtyard.   From 1968 this festival involves other European countries wishing to share history, art and traditions that they all may have in common by participating directly in the festival.