Mimmo Zito



Although Mimmo grew up in the heart of Palermo, around the famous Vucciria street market area, he settled in Sant’Ambrogio when he married a local girl.   Like many Sicilians, he started his cooking career young, working in prestigious restaurants here in Sicily before leaving to go abroad.


At the tender age of 15 he was head-hunted by one of the big London hotels followed by an experience in Nottingham for Trust House Forti.   After returning to Italy to do military service he set off to work in Germany which rounded off his ‘foreign’ experience.   Since 1984 he has been back in Sicily cooking in a variety of establishments.


As a self-taught enologist his hobby is making organic wine.  He also has an interesting cellar in the village, open for wine tasting on request.


This year, together with his unemployed sons, they ventured out into their own business of opening up a small restaurant in the village, renovating an old building which also has an open air terrace on the Belvedere for al fresco dining in good weather.    Here Sicilian Experience holds its cooking courses where Mimmo teaches guests traditional Sicilian recipes handed down through the family over the centuries.