Sagra della Salsiccia (Sausage Festival)  26 October, Caccamo

The Sausage Festival – lots of sausage and fun for everyone! – is held in the main square in town and the sausage meat all comes from pigs which have only ever grazed freely in the countryside!   Sausage here certainly has a distinct taste, famous in all of Sicily.


Throughout the summer a number of institutional events attract both the general public and visitors. Alongwith the city council’s initiatives are those of the businesses of some of the historic centre’s most important streets, who organise mostly gastronomic and musical events (there is no shortage of feasts, such as that dedicated to pesce azzurro (“blue-fish”: mackerel, sardines, anchovies and their ilk) in September, and the Beer Festival in the same month, or the new Festival of Ice-Cream in October, attended by both Italians and foreigners).