24th June  -  festa di San Giovanni when beans and potatoes are boiled in the quarare, and offered to all passers-by in the streets


June, up to the 15th: CORPUS DOMINI  On the day itself a procession follows the SS. Sacrament, whilst on its eve one of the oldest popular traditions of Cefalu takes place, the “Fruottola” or Feast of Bread. This is a kind of profane procession which does not involve the clergy, composed of a cohort of floral arrangements preceded by the ancient flags of the Corporation of the viddani (“peasants”), a vestige of the old festival of the Guilds and Corporations which lasted eight days (an “Ottava”). The procession, which has many children, is led by the tammurinaru (“drummer”). Characteristic of the procession are the participants who hold a stick with a kind of ring of bread known as cucciddatu stuck on the end, il fercolo rappresentato da un ostensorio, and some trees from whose branches fruits hang, and elaborate compositions of plants and flowers of various themes, though the most common represent mietitori [harversters], donkeys, doves and even the Cathedral of Cefalù.


Petralia Soprana:
The most important of the religious feasts is that of  Saints Peter and Paul – 29th June – which is a procession of the saints statues through town.


Blessing of the sea - At the beginning of June there’s a procession to the Belvedere (look-out) the priest blesses the sea for the coming of the summer.