February: CARNIVAL

Typical of this festival are masked parades, allegorical carts, and dances.

A particular culinary tradition is also associated with this event, the preparation of the so-called lasagni cacati, which is a plate of pasta with a sauce of sausage and fresh ricotta. Traditional Sicilian sweets are also eaten.


A local tradition known as i Cumpari consists of a lunch or supper organised by a group of friends on the Thursdays that precede the giovedì grasso (literally, “fat Thursday”) of Carnival: more precisely, there is the Thursday di l’amici (of friends), di cumpari, and di cummari. The objective is to cement friendships, and by the end all the participants will be formally bound in a relationship of cumpari and cummari and the informal Italian “tu” (you) is replaced with the more formal and respectful vui (dialect for the Italian “voi”). In the past, only men could participate on the cumpari Thursday, whilst it was women only on the cummari Thursday. Today things are different, and both sexes attend all three Thursdays.