lady sweeping outside her door

baronial home belonging to Li Destri family

gathering in the piazza in Gangi

town of Sperlinga

lady weaving in the castle of Sperlinga

entrance to the castle in Sperlinga

shepherd in the countryside near Gangi

trogodlyte dwellings in Sperlinga

interior of the grotta

view of Sperlinga Castle

Saint Peter and Paul in the church of Petralia Soprana

Sperlinga - Gangi - Petralia Soprana

Meet your  guide Carmelo in Gangi, for  a morning visit to the shepherdess with her goats and see how ricotta is made in a traditional way. 


After the visit drive to Sperlinga where you will have time to visit the troglodyte dwellings and Saracen castle which is set high on a buttress of rock.

Return to Gangi for a walk through the old town with Carmelo.   He will introduce you  to some local ladies who still make local handicrafts. 


Immerse yourself into local culture with guidance from Carmelo who lives in Gangi.


Lunch in Gangi.


Mid afternoon visit to the Medieval town of Petralia Soprana, a charming and characteristic town in the Madonie Mountains. 


Further details on Sperlinga refer to Sicilian Experience blog article written Troglodytes, a War Photographer, Marauding Frenchmen and Fresh Baked Bread