open-air theatre Pietrarossa in Pollina

men sitting and chatting in the small piazza of Pollina

sensational views from the look-out in Pollina

people we meet during the tour


town of Geraci Siculi

drive through the Madonie Mountains

wonderful people we meet on the way

views across to Mt Etna from the Madonie mountains

Medieval towns of the Madonie Mountains


The full day guided tour allows you to immerse yourself in the history, folklore and traditions of the places en-route.   We stop to a chat with locals to learn more about their everyday life.


The tour starts at 09.00 from the village of Sant'Ambrogio or Cefalù.


We drive to Pollina, a picturesque medieval village, which sits perched on the top of the mountain.   Our visit takes us through the narrow streets towards the open air amphitheatre of Pietrarossa, where we can enjoy the sensational views towards the Madonie Mountains.


As we leave Pollina we drive through countryside which is known for the production of Manna, a substance produced from the Ash trees and collected by local farmers in July and August, which is then sold as a natural remedy for many ailments.


Our next stop is Castelbuono, the traditional Sicilian town in the foothills of the Madonie Mountains.   The Ventimiglia family built a castle here in the 14th century which was called Castello delle Buone Arie (Castle of Good Air)  The present day town grew around it and adapted its current name from the original. 

We walk through the town stopping to taste local products, visit a traditional oil press and also the castle if there is time.


Continuing our drive into the higher Madonie mountains, a stop will be made at the fountain just below the town of Geraci.   People from surrounding areas come to get water from the fountain renowned for its diuretic properties.  They say it is very good for flushing out kidney stones!   The water is now bottled and sold commercially under the label of "Geraci."


Our lunch stop is at a small family-run trattoria in the quaint and beautiful medieval town of Petralia Soprana.   After lunch we stroll around the village to a look out point behind the Chiesa Madonna di Loreto where on a clear day views of Mt Etna are spectacular.


The drive back to Cefalù is through the grain growing area of Sicily, which in Roman times was known as the bread basket of the empire.  We will also pass the ski resort of Piano Battaglia on our way down to Isnello and back to Cefalù/Sant’Ambrogio.


Tour ends around 17.00




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Dates:  on request

Cost:    Euro 200 for the day guided tour

Group size:  minimum of 1 person

The tour includes:

  • Services of a full-time professional tour guide.

The tour doesn't include:

  • Lunch
  • Transport
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