La Piramede 38° Parallelo

Excavation site of Halesea

Room at Artelier Hotel dedicated to Paolo Pasolini

Labrinto Di Arianna

Greek statue at the Museum in Halesea

One of the rooms at Hotel Artelier

La Materia Poteva Non Esserci

Room at the Hotel Artlier

one of the rooms at the Hotel Artelier

Energia Mediterranea

Reception area at Hotel Artelier

Pettineo town on the Fiume Dell'Arte itinerary

Una Curva Gettata Alle Spalle Del Tempo

Labrinto Di Arianna

Halesea, Artelier Hotel and Fiume dell'Arte

Immerse yourself in the art and culture of northern Sicily, both ancient and modern. Starting at the Greco-Roman ruins of Haleasa, set on a lonely hillside high above the sea, we explore the ancient city with its Agora, paved street, columns and museum, we than descend to the town of Castel di Tusa where we visit the contemporary art  Hotel Atelier and Fiume dell'Arte (Torrent of Art) sculptures.


The remarkable project was begun in 1990, transforming an unremarkable seaside hotel into a living work of art, where each guest room has been designed by different contemporary artist.  We take guided tour of the hotel, visiting some of its extraordinary rooms and learning the concept behind each "installation".


We then climb into the foothills of the Nebrodi mountains, visiting the Fiumara dell'Arte (Torrent of Art), a display of monumental sculptures by notable contemporary artists which compliment the majestic landscape and express of the unique vision of each artist.


This tour explores an unexpected side of modern Sicily, one that most tourists do not have the opportunity to experience.


Depending on the weather, and time permitting, we hope to visit the following sculptures:

  • La Materia Poteva Non Esserci
  • La Piramede 38° Parallelo
  • Energia Mediterranea
  • Una Curva Gettata Alle Spalle Del Tempo
  • Labrinto Di Arianna


Lunch in traditional Trattoria on route.


Depart from Cefalù/Sant'Ambrogio at 9.00am


Return around 5.00pm - 5.30pm


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Dates:  on request

Cost:    Euro 200 for the day guided tour

Group size:  minimum of 1 person

The tour includes:

  • Services of a full-time professional tour guide.

The tour doesn't include:

  • Lunch
  • Transport
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